Leadexplorer for SuperOffice CRM

As soon as a company enters your website, you get CRM insights right away.

Get instant CRM insights 
In the company profiles, you instantly learn the total sales, who the key account manager is and the open sales opportunities with this lead.

Add it to the CRM with a click
Is the company not in SuperOffice CRM yet? Just add yourself with just a click straight from Leadexplorer.

Access from SuperOffice CRM
Explore your leads and their company profiles directly in your CRM. As soon as you click connect, Leadexplorer is automatically integrated into your CRM.

Learn what B2B leads visited your site and see how interested they are in you. It’s time to discover your goldmine of sales leads.

Create a Leadexplorer account

Get started with Leadexplorer and SuperOffice

It’s as easy as 1-2-3, you’re up and running within minutes.

1. Create account

Have one in your team follow the steps to set up.

2. Add Google Analytics

Choose the view you want Leadexplorer to track.

3. Connect with your CRM

Just a quick click in “settings” and you’re good.

4. Invite more users

Invite your colleagues to explore your leads.