Let's get connected

Get the most out of Leadexplorer with tight integrations to other tools you use. The supported Leadexplorer integrations are listed below.

A personal marketing timeline from eMarketeer to Leadexplorer.
Get insights from marketing

Identify the contact behind the visit, and see their personal marketing timeline on how they engaged in your marketing content.

CRM insights

Where are they in the buying cycle? Get that and other CRM insights directly in Leadexplorer when a company visits your site. If the company is not in SuperOffice yet, just add it with a click in Leadexplorer. You connect Leadexplorer with SuperOffice yourself, it only takes a 2 minutes. Tops.

Google Analytics is required for Leadexplorer to start serving you leads. Don’t have an account? It’s free! As soon as you set up your Leadexplorer account, we'll walk you through the steps to integrate the Google Analytics.