Leadexplorer with eMarketeer

As an eMarketeer user, you get marketing insights about the companies that visit your site.

Identify contacts
Leadexplorer matches the contacts you have in eMarketeer with the companies and shows them in the company view.

Marketing timeline
Get a marketing timeline and see how the contacts at the company engaged in your marketing content.

Access from eMarketeer
Leadexplorer is a stand-alone tool, but it also lives in eMarketeer. Just click the tab in your eMarketeer account, and see B2B leads and web visitors right away.

Leadexplorer identifies what companies visited your site and scores them based on how interested they are in what you offer. It’s time to discover your goldmine of sales leads.

How to get started with Leadexplorer for eMarketeer

The steps to sign up – it only takes minutes!

1. Create account

Have one in your team follow the steps to set up.

2. Add Google Analytics

Choose the view you want Leadexplorer to track.

3. Add eMarketeer

Simple as 1-2-3. Go to “settings” and click “connect with eMarketeer.”

4. Invite more users

Invite fellow eMarketeers and your sales team to explore your leads.